Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank you

This week I have this feeling in me to just say thank you dear Lord that we have a job, with a steady income. That we have a house in this cold winter to live in. Thank you for a car to get my to the work and back save and warm. Thank you for warm clothes to wear. Thank you for a bed with warm blankets to sleep on.
Thank you dear Lord for all the love and warmness from my friends. Thank you for technology so that I could meet friends in other parts of the world.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful and kind husband and 2 beautiful sons that are healthy.
Thank you dear Lord that You love me first so that I can love You.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saterday 26.06.10 to do list

When I waked up this morning I decide it is time to proof that little things at a time can work. Start with cleaning out the old movies. When it is warmer I did some yard loving and even enjoy the sun. Clean out the front veranda, wash the wall and the floor. I made a peppermint tart. It never set I hope it will set today. I pamper myself today. Yes little things at a time and you get lots done. Thank you Marla for learning me that.

Friday, June 25, 2010


It is Friday I am lazy today just want to sit around and drink coffee. Why is there sometimes a problem with a machine and when the technician test it there is no problem. I wish somebody can explain it to me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


What is loyalty? I wonder because sometimes it feels for me that an employer can be disloyal against his employee and nothing will happen, but when an employee is disloyal against his or her employer there will be some troubles. About the thing from yesterday the big boss said it is not his problem we will explain everything that happened in the theater and we must take responsibilities for everything. He know about it all now he said he didn't know about it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My friend told me that Wednesday is anti procrastination day. So I decide that I will do the laundry it is only a few things that need ironing. That will I do tomorrow.

It is now time for my before bed routine:
  1. Swise and swipe
  2. kitchen cleaned
  3. shower
  4. bed at 22h00
  5. Clothes ready for tomorrow


Yes I asked it because today we nearly lost a baby in the theater. The sad thing is that it could been prevented if all the persons we complained to, respond on our complains a year ago. Why doesn't they listen? Why doesn't they think a life is important? Why is that they think that we doesn't now about things that are wrong? Why must something like that happened before there is a reaction? Then every one asked why isn't that been reported but it is been reported. They just didn't want to listen.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Control journal

My friend Marla told me that you can do every thing in 10min. She learn me the importance of breaking tasks up in smaller tasks, then it is easier to do that.

The first thing what i must do was to clean my sink, I have done that.

Second thing was to establish a before bed routine.
  1. Set out close for tomorrow
  2. Look at your dairy for appointments
  3. Clean your sink
  4. Get things ready for the next day
  5. Be in bed at a desist hour


There is no better thing to see when a baby is born, but there is no scary thing when that baby is not crying. I will not know what I will do when the baby doesn't start crying. It made me old to wait for that sound, but when it is there that is such a relief.

Today was the shortest day of the year. So the sun will come up a little earlier every day, Summer is on its way.

To do list for Tuesday 22.06.10

  1. Get ready for work
  2. Swise and Swipe
  3. Prepare dinner
  4. Dinner, clean up kitchen
  5. Laundry, if machine is ready
  6. NEWO
  7. Lunch box
  8. Before bed routine
  9. Bedtime 22h00

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To do list for Monday 21.06.10

  1. Get ready for work Done
  2. Prepare dinner Done
  3. No excuse workout Done
  4. Clean yds room, bathroom, dh office
  5. Dinner, clean the kitchen Done
  6. Laundry
  7. Swise and Swipe Done
  8. Prepare lunch box Done
  9. Get in bed at 22h00

Why is people thoughts of me important

I wish I can understand myself, it feel for me that I can't survive with positive comments on what I do. I want to changed that. Is there somebody that read this blog that can help me with it.

Starting of the new me

Today is the new start for me. Yesterday i stopped all time thieves in my life so that I can concentrate on the positive things in my life.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2

Yes I now day 1 is skipped, with a reason. Arrived late at home on Monday, it was day 1, there is now water not even a drop. So all the planning for day 1 is down the drain. Today is more or less the same, but we have water so the laundry is been washed, dishes in the dish washer and it is started. Dinner is made, Fish, potatoes, beetroot leaves and tomatoes. Kitchen is cleaned, second load of dishes is been load in the dishwasher. Waiting for 22h00 then it is time for bed.