Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last week of November

November I didn't write regular, last week we have a power failure and that lead that we don't have any signal for our internet connections. The cellphone companies still didn't hear about sun power for there towers. May be that will change in the future, because a town about 250 km from us will get there own solar farm and I am so proud of my sister's dh he start the planning for it. I just hope and pray that they will receive the money for all his hard work.
This last 2 weeks was not so good but I will not complaining about it. It was my own fault. What will I do to change my way of thinking: I will get in bed with dh and will get out of bed 30 min before him to get myself ready for the day. The other way round does not work, because he don't want to get in bed late and I don't want to get out of bed very early. It sounds childes but I need to do that the keep my head clear.
The funny thing about it is that I have more energy and can do more things.
Habits that I have establish in November is mountwashmore (the laundry) I done it every day and it is really under control.
Ok I cann't think properly know because I have a call out, will come back later today.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November week 2

This is the second week of November. Sorry I didn't write anything last week. Last week I was just feel sorry for myself and I didn't do anything positive to my habits.
Ok no more sorry ass, from now on I will be positive. I have injured my ankle during a walk and i have to take things slow. The next week my NEWO will be a walk on the exercise machine this is less stress full on my ankle.
My bbr is slowly getting in place the swich and swipe thing seems the thing that I always keep for last and then it doesn't happen any advice will be helpful so that I can do it every day.
I start with my whb and detail cleaning I plan to divide my house in the different zones and do a zone on a day. Example Eds flat is zone 1 and that is Mondays, Yds and dh office is zone 2 and that is Tuesdays, the launch, guest room, main bathroom, my room, is zone 4 and that is Thursdays, the kitchen is zone 5 and that is Fridays. Will come back next week and tell you how it go. I have try it this week the first 2 zones worked perfect but then I get lazy and feel sorry for myself, but that will stop from today.
I will get of my ass and start doing things around and in the house. Because I love my family and I love myself.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Habits

For November I want to learn the following habits, FACE. I will used Flylady's face control journal for that. But the most important thing for me with this habit is to control our spendings. We spend so much money on things that we don't need. I just want to get October's habits to settle in. Mainly the BBR that is set out my clothes for tomorrow, polish my shoes, swish and swipe the bathrooms and the kitchen, packed lunch boxes for me and dh. The other thing is the WHB that need attention.
See you all again on Sunday.

October week 5

Yes I know I was suppose to write it yesterday, and that is what I do now. Over all was October not so good as September but there is some routines that get settle in. With the NEWO it is going good. With the body clutter it going slowly but steady this week I lost only 200g but that is a lost. It will be better