Ok I want to try something, I hope this will keep me motivated so that I can get out of debt and stay out of it for the rest of my life.

I am part of the Flylady group and she had this amazing program that she call it FACE, you can follow me on my progress to get my FACE control journal together and my route to get out of debt.

Here is the link to the web page where you can download the control journal:

Mission 1

"The first mission for face is to do a hot spot fire drill where I put all my bill and post. Get a garbage back and a shopping bag and get all the bills in the bag and the rubbish in the garbage bag. Go to all the hiding places where you hide all the bills for yourself." This coming from the flylady face control journal.
That is all that I have to do but there was bills that need to be paid, so I did it as well.

Bills is been paid, and papers are put away.

FACE™ Mission #2
Clear out your working area, your desk, kitchen table or were you work do a hotspot fire drill and clean it out.
We are looking at papers lots of papers. You need a surface to put them on.
What do you need on your desk? Absolutely nothing. No piles of
papers, no books, all you need is an unobstructed surface. If you have
to pull everything off and put it in a box for the time being, then do it.
Your clear surface is all that I am concerned with right this minute so
you can FACE™ your Finances and open up your wings to FLY!
You Can Do This! 15 Minutes!

That is my mission for this week to clear my desk. There is lots of planning for me to do this week.