Sunday, November 14, 2010

November week 2

This is the second week of November. Sorry I didn't write anything last week. Last week I was just feel sorry for myself and I didn't do anything positive to my habits.
Ok no more sorry ass, from now on I will be positive. I have injured my ankle during a walk and i have to take things slow. The next week my NEWO will be a walk on the exercise machine this is less stress full on my ankle.
My bbr is slowly getting in place the swich and swipe thing seems the thing that I always keep for last and then it doesn't happen any advice will be helpful so that I can do it every day.
I start with my whb and detail cleaning I plan to divide my house in the different zones and do a zone on a day. Example Eds flat is zone 1 and that is Mondays, Yds and dh office is zone 2 and that is Tuesdays, the launch, guest room, main bathroom, my room, is zone 4 and that is Thursdays, the kitchen is zone 5 and that is Fridays. Will come back next week and tell you how it go. I have try it this week the first 2 zones worked perfect but then I get lazy and feel sorry for myself, but that will stop from today.
I will get of my ass and start doing things around and in the house. Because I love my family and I love myself.

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