Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is my second month in my way to new habits. I new habits I really want to take care of this month is my body clutter. The biggest loser idea didn't work this week. But I did some lovely movements during the day. I decide to take part in Jon Gabriel method as well he believe strongly in visualizing. He believe that you can create the body you desire with your mind. I start believe in him, because I did it this week and some how I start to drink more water and I didn't grave for sweet stuff. Yes I still grave for something but when I start looking in the house I stop and asked myself if I am hungry or not and then my graving stop. I do this visualizing 2 times a day early in the morning and just before I go to bed.
The other habit is my before bed routine this is mainly to shower before bed time get my clothes ready for tomorrow.
With September habits it is still going good I even put something new to shine my sink and that is to swipe my kitchen floor every night. Yes it sounds strange for some people but there is a lot of sand around the house and I have a parrot in the kitchen, so it is quite a mess when I skip to do it for a few days.
Thank you for all your support on my journey.

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