Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 2 October

I am at the end of week 2 in my second month of new habits. I am so sorry to tell you but with the visualizing it didn't went well. There is now excuses for that I just didn't made time for it during the day. But with my NEWO (no excuse workout) that went well. If I didn't do a workout I did do some yard loving with a fork really deep working and I love it. I through away 2kg/4pounds of body clutter but I feel good. The clothes that I bought at the end of September start to getting to big and that I want.

With my BBR it went well just slip 2 times to put my clothes out for tomorrow but that is ok.

Thank you ladies for all your support on my journey.

Just want to tell you my house is been detailed clean except for the windows but that I shall do before Christmas.

My holiday is now over and I start to work again from next week. See you all next Sunday.


  1. Well done, Hettie! :) Sounds like things are going well. Glad you are enjoying the NEWOs and that the scales are moving the right way AND that you can see it in your clothes. GO YOU! xo

  2. good job on the no excses workouts and for your weight loss! how exciting! I have lost 10 pounds using the mamavation program ( and and I am loving it! as for flylady and routines.. I'm not too good about routines. I did make some recently but I only followed them for a day and then slacked off.. will start again monday! thanks for the reminder! remember baby steps! you are doing fabulous! good job!

  3. also.. wanted to let you know, I am trying to follow your blog but google connect is giving me errors.. will keep trying.