Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 4 October

This week was a good week for me I lost 1.2 kg and weight now 85.8kg that was a long time ago that I weight that. I wish I know what the biggest loser do that they can lost between 3 and 8 kg in a week. The NEWO getting better every day and I start loving it.
Ok I drop the visualizing thing totally for this month. I will do it next month hopefully.
There is a lot of other routines I get hold of. My laundry is been done every day, I wash in the after noon and hang it outside at night the next morning I fold it up and iron it. It is so fast that way.
The Swiss and Swipe thing is getting under control for the bathrooms as well as for the kitchen. I am so proud of myself.
Just want to get the kids and dh to start getting some routines of them self. There is a lot of things that need to be done outside the house. I will get there. I just must remember myself every day Rome is not build in 1 day so all the things that need to been done on a weekly basis and daily basis will been done at a time.
Thank you so much for all your support and love, without it I will not be so far.

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