Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2

Yes I finished week 2 and only on Tuesday I was late for bed with 10min but it is my own fault. Was sitting around and it strike me that there is no ironed clothes for the kids for school so the laundry need some attention. That run a bit late but the rest of the week I was a good girl.
With the 5 elements it going better every time I prayed. I start thinking this baby steps kicking in know.
My kitchen is cleaned and I am a happy girl in the morning.
Yds (youngest dear son) asked last week for me to help him in the morning with some exercises for improving his memory so that is also a new habit and an unplanned one but I will do that for him. He is so clever that little one.

Ok girls and boys you see this week went one very well.

Yes and something very good happen this week with us. My dh (dear husband) get a job that paid good. So we start running in our budget and I love it. Thank you dear Lord for taking care of my family.

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